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Bob Russell

Listen to Bob's sermons by clicking on the "PLAY" link adjacent to the sermon title. (Depending on your system it may take a while to download the file.) The group of sermons may be changed monthly.

You may obtain manuscripts or download many of Bob's sermons by going to the Living Word website and typing "Russell, Bob" in the "Author" window or the Sermon # in the Item ID window..

August 30 Why I Love The Church Play MP3
February 05 #2802 Thomas, A Skeptical Follower Play MP3
February 05 #2844 See Interruptions As Opportunities Play MP3
February 05 #2810 Protecting Your Body Play MP3
February 05 #2830 Questions I Have About Our Country Play MP3
February 05 #2832 Questions I Have About The Church Play MP3
February 05 #2854 I Will Study God's Word Play MP3
February 05 #2846 Go The Second Mile Play MP3
February 05 #2846 Go the Second Mile Play MP3
February 05 #2924 Samuel: The Making of A Spiritual Leader Part 2 Play MP3
February 05 #2816 Samuel: The Making of a Leader Part 1 Play MP3
February 05 #2798 Peter, an Inconsistent Friend Play MP3
January 30 #2860 I Will Build Meaningful Relationships Play MP3
December 06 Enjoy God's Riches Play MP3
June 25 #2932 Preach the Word Play MP3

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